CAAHP is actively preparing for the 2017 conference to be held May 3 and 4 at Algonquin College near Ottawa.  The theme still being developed is “All About Students: Their Learning and Ours“.  Sessions will touch on the future of learning, the student experience, the implication for clinical education-practice education, applied research, etc.  We hope, also, to continue with the well appreciated expose of the legal implications of institutional obligations.   The agenda, once finalized, will be posted here.  Your feedback is always welcome.


Thank you to all participants at the 2016 Annual Conference held at  Dawson College in Montreal for making it a meaningful and informative event.

Solid Ground and Shifting Sands: the Balancing Act of Post-Secondary Education Today, the theme, started with a glimpse of what the future of simulation can be with a presentation of BCIT’s Rob Kruger.  The importance of this developing dossier and the panorama he offered generated a lot of positive feedback.  The CAAHP board will examine avenues for future talks on the subject once it assesses the state of implementation in member colleges.

The CMA divestiture was front and center as a topic of discussion at the conference.  The work by Elaine Dever of the CAMRT in taking proactive measures with the other professional associations was much appreciated and generated a lot of discussion.    Emmanuelle Morin, Acting Coordinator of Conjoint Accreditation, spoke to responsible exit and gave the context of the divestiture.  CAAHP will continue monitor changes in this dossier over the next two years.

Certification exam results of the CSMLS raised a number of concerns as the CSMLS developed a new approach to the development of its examinations.  Christine Nielsen, CEO of the CSMLS gave the context of these changes and provided members at the conference information regarding future directions.  Her presentation was timely and much appreciated.

Understanding how individuals of different cultures expect and understand feedback – summative or formative – and how they differ in expressing advice and feedback, led to a very revealing and informative presentation by Caroline Yang, partner at Multicultural Business Solutions.  No participant at the conference left without a deeper appreciation of cultural sensitives.

Many members discovered for the first time the power and growth of the Open Educational practices as presented by David Porter, Associate VP, Education, Support and Innovation at BCIT.  His presentation offered real alternatives to educators in offering pedagogical alternatives to the standard publishing options.  The ability to modify, adapt,  and innovate using this technology came through quite effectively in his comprehensive review on the subject.

Michael Sonderman (Associate Registrar at SAIT) and Susan Radke (Director of Academic Services at SAIT) offfered a powerful combination of legal obligations and solutions in managing difficult and complex situations in post-secondary education.  The case study examples offered conference members an opportunity of asking relevant questions.  No doubt, many of us will be taking home a number of lessons that will benefit our ability to handle diverse student cases.  This was Michael’s second presentation at a CAAHP conference, and members show a strong interest in understanding more on this subject.

At the end of the first day, CAAHP members were treated to a privileged tour of the CAE medical division thanks to the efforts of Zoriana Kaluzny (Sales for Eastern Canada, ME, NH, and VT).  The presentations offered members an idea of the breath of services offered by CAE as well as the scope of mannequin functionality.  We thank her and her team for bringing us to their facilities and the generous tour they offered.

New President and Board Members

Lynda Kushnir Pekrul (Dean of School of Health Science, Saskatchewan Polytechnic), who has served CAAHP in a caring, proactive, and inspiring manner has stepped down from her function as President of the organization.  Sydney Redpath (Senior Director, Academic Planning and Operations at The Michener) will be taking on the position with the unanimous support of her fellow Board Members.  Ray Bourgeois (Dean of Science, Medical Studies and Engineering at Dawson College) will take on the role of Vice-President.

Allen Billy (SAIT, School of Health and Public Safety) has retired from his position as Board Member at Large.  Board members will miss his informed contributions to the ongoing discussions at our meetings and thank him for his contribution .  Denise McIver (Associate Dean at NAIT) has joined the CAAHP Board and has taken on the dossier of Board Secretary.  We thank her for stepping up to this challenge and anticipate many interesting discussions as she brings her expertise to the table.

Sean Madorin (Associate Dean at Georgian College, Health, Wellness and Fitness), after quite a few years in the role of CAAHP Treasurer and Membership coordinator will relinquish these dossiers for a well earned rest.  His management of these two complex dossiers has been well appreciated and Board members thank him sincerely.  Bernice Budz (BCIT, Dean of School of Health Services).

Members of the Board are dedicated to the mission of CAAHP and its members.  They are happy to receive feedback on issues facing the membership and you are encouraged email them.  Their contact information can be found  in “Contact Us”.


Last Year’s Annual Conference:

The 2015 Annual Conference was held at the Red River College  in Winnipeg, Manitoba reaffirming the desire of  CAAHP members to network on relevant topics facing Allied Health programs in Canada.

Our thanks go to Mandy Lowe who provided a thought provoking and inspiring talk on Inter-Professional Education (IPE).  Dr Jason Frank gave much appreciated insight into the competency development for the training of physicians at the Royal College (CanMEDS 2015) and mapped the evolution to outcomes based pedagogy.  Both presentations led to active and engaged discussions which are informing the AGM on future conference plans.   These presentations were complemented by a number of panel discussions which have also seeded thoughts for future conferences.  CAAHP thanks our panelists: Kimberley Wheelans, Michale Sondemann, Janet Jamieson, Dr. Lyle Grant, and Dr. Alex Zahavich

CAAHP would also like to thank our host, Louise Gordon and her colleagues Laurie Musick and Bill Younger for making the facilities available and offering a tour of the College.

Information and documents are available in the “Annual Conference” area on the right hand menu.

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